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桢记热气羊肉火锅 Zhenji Reqi Mutton Hotpot @上海 Shanghai, China

We wanted brunch, and were the first customers waiting outside this hotpot restaurant 😛

For ¥160, we thought the food was not bad, and the meal became nicer because there was 猪血 Pig’s Blood.. haha!


  • Location: 上海市黄浦区宁海东路280号 (Baidu Maps)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3am
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​老北京四牌楼涮肉百年老店 Lao Beijing Si Pai Lou Hotpot Restaurant @ 东四 Dongsi, Beijing

2016-10-27-11-55-35Our last meal in Beijing was 涮肉 (typically mutton shabu shabu), and we wanted to try the 老北京铜锅 which is a traditional bronze hotpot with charcoal inside and a trench of water at the rim for shabu-ing the meat.

We found one near our hotel that looked quite traditional (because it’s housed in an old traditionally-looking building which we later realized was what the name of the restaurant 四牌楼 referred to) and had a few customers and has the words 百年老店 (which meant that it was a time-tested brand and literally around for 100 years), so we figured it should not be too bad.

Of course, there were also many restaurants that claimed to be 百年老店 or 老字号 as we had found out in this trip, haha.

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烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji @Shichahai, Beijing

2016-10-23-20-11-21Long ago, hubby had to travel for work, and he came to 烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji for dinner alone. This time, there are 2 of us but eating the same amount of food, haha!

This was one of the most popular 清真 halal establishment and apparently, they started 160 years ago in 1848!

It started with a farmer whose surname was 季 who sold roast beef and mutton along 什刹海 Shichahai as a street hawker back in the days of Qing Dynasty. The meat dishes were so fragrant they attracted many praises from the people in the many big mansions along Shichahai, and began calling him 烤肉季. In those days, when it comes to roast meat in Beijing, people always say 南宛北季, with 北季 referring to 烤肉季 in Shichahai.

Hence, we definitely need to check out this place!

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