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Manis J Nyonya Restaurant @Melaka, Malaysia

Our last stop in Malacca, and we were still quite determined to try Peranakan food 😛

Our favourite was the Assam Fish (RM50 for medium)! The fish was fresh, and the tamarind sauce had a good balance of sweet, sour and spicy 🙂 We also liked the Cili Garam Terung (RM18), which was fried eggplant in chilli gravy. Unfortunately, we found some of the braised chicken pieces in the Ayam Tempra (RM28) a bit too tough, while the Telur Cincaluk (RM18) was like a normal omelette and we could barely taste the fermented shrimps of the cincaluk.

Chendol (RM5) was the recommended dessert, and Dr K gave it thumbs-up 🙂 We had a taste of the gula melaka on its own, and thought it was pretty good.


  • Location: 167, Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia (Google Maps)
  • Website: Facebook
  • Hrs: 8am – 3pm (closed on Tue)
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SamFu Restaurant @Melaka, Malaysia

We love trying out Peranakan food (aka Nonya food) whenever we are in Malacca 🙂


For this trip, we decided to check out SamFu Restaurant in Mimosa Hotel. Ms K’s dad joined us for dinner too 🙂 We were glad that we had made reservations a day in advance, for the restaurant was packed with customers during dinner time.

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しるの店 おふくろ Shiru-no-mise Ofukuro @Takamatsu

2015-12-04 22.57.43Hubby had read about this place near our hotel that was popular for miso soup and homecooked style food, so off we went for dinner. We were quite lucky as we managed to get the last table 🙂

Everyone were having miso soup, and while there were many types available, we chose the more popular ぶた汁 pork miso soup.

We randomly picked some of the dishes that we fancied from what we saw. Most of the food were delicious, and made us feel like we were at home 🙂 However, the egg plant really left its imprints in our minds because it was so, so unexpectedly salty. So salty that it became our benchmark for saltiness throughout the remaining trip… Nothing else could beat it, not even pickles!


  • Location: 1-11-12 Kawaramachi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa-ken, Japan 香川県高松市瓦町1-11-12
  • Nearest Station: Kawaramachi Station 琴電琴平線瓦町駅
  • Direction: Walk 300m north-west of station.
  • Hrs: 5pm – 11:30pm (Mon-Sat)
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Flat Iron @17 Beak Street

Flat Iron Soho branch

Flat Iron Soho branch

While doing research for London eateries, hubby came across this new craft butchery (opened in 2012) that serves remarkable steak specialising in the flat iron cut but does not take reservations, and there are always long queues.

So on this day when we just returned from Iceland the night before, we decided that we should go try our luck!

Having just gone to the Apple Store nearby, we arrived 10 minutes before opening and there were already 2 people waiting in line. By the time Flat Iron opened its doors at 12 noon, there were 3 groups, and all tourists… In fact, all Chinese from different countries, haha.

There were a few long tables on the ground level for sharing (there is also an upper level with more tables), but since it was relatively empty, each group had a table to themselves. Decorations were minimal, with the food menu stuck to the wall by each table.

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Gyoza King @Tanjong Pagar

Big banners

Big banners

We wanted to try our luck at Teppei because I was attending a course nearby but the queue was incredible! And the place is ridiculously small, and with a waiting list of at least 4 months (and the impossibility of getting through the phone once the reservation starts), I am guessing it will probably be in our next life that we get to dine at Teppei. … provided there’s a Teppei in our next life, that is…

So we looked around the corner and here is Gyoza King! The big banners are really very inviting and since there is no queue, we decided this would be a gyoza night!

This is one of the 5 Ramen Keisuke Tokyo outlets, the others being:

  • Ramen Keisuke, Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel,
  • Ramen Keisuke, Tori King at Amara Hotel,
  • Ramen Keisuke, Tonkotsu King at Four Seasons at Bugis Village,
  • Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo at Suntec City Mall.

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