Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant @Purvis Street

We woke up bright and early today, because we had reservations with Royal China for an early lunch… And since we were to be in this area, might as well wake up a bit earlier and check out Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant (the renowned bakery from NYC famed for its pancakes, burgers, biscuits and other freshly-baked goods), which hubby had been wanting to try out.

So here we were, at 8.30am, at the half-full restaurant. Looks like there were many early risers 🙂

The restaurant is brightly-lit and together with the white walls and high ceiling gives a very roomy atmosphere. It is sufficiently big but people have been flocking here (at least for these first few months of soft opening) so there’s always a queue. Breakfast menu is served all-day and lunch menu (with the award-winning buttermilk fried chicken & waffles, house made burgers with hand-cut fries and special handcrafted mocktails) is served from 11:30am.

Our breakfast included:

  • Latte ($6++): Coffee was not bad, a milder version that was rather soothing.
  • Pancakes with Warm Maple Syrup with wild blueberries ($18++): The pancakes were absolutely excellent! Hot, soft, fluffy and flavourful, with slightly crispy edges, we totally fell in love with it! The tartness of the blueberries and the sweetness of the caramel sauce went really well with the pancakes.
  • Country’s Breakfast ($18++): The thing that wow-ed us was the very delicious scrambled eggs, which reminded us of the good old days when McDonald’s first arrived at our shores 😀 Hubby kept laughing when I squealed “Oooh so nice!!! Like McDonald’s!” but he totally agreed with my assessment after taking a bite of it, haha! The huge slice of ham was deliciously meaty and just slightly salty. Hashbrown was not bad, and our least favourite was the buttermilk biscuit. While it was not super dry or anything, it seemed to be lacking a buttery aroma to it. Well, it was quite ok eating it with the caramel sauce for the pancakes 😛

It was quite a warm and welcoming place for breakfast, and we liked the lighting that was neither too bright nor too “romantic”. Service was prompt and staff were friendly… We liked that water was served immediately upon our arrival 🙂


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