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Half Day Trip to 淡水老街 Tamsui Old Street @Taipei


Since we were staying along the 淡水信義線 MRT Red Line this time, it was a pretty easy ride all the way to the end of the line to 捷運淡水站 Tamsui Station. Note that not all trains will reach the very last station, so take a look at the signboard before boarding 🙂

We arrived just after 11am, and were surprised it was not too crowded despite being a Sunday.

As we exited the station and walked towards 淡水老街 Danshui (Tamsui) Old Street, the first thing that caught our attention was the street performance by an artist painted in gold (蚊”風不動 – 街頭藝人). He seemed to be sitting on thin air without any support and was completely still which got the audiences impressed. He moved in a very slow manner when some audience went up to him to take a picture with him and got everyone laughing. He was really good!

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Pho Pasteur @Haymarket, Sydney

Sydney has become such a melting pot of cultures that we are now able to find yummy food from all around the world right in Sydney itself.

Tonight after a long walking day, we picked Pho Pasteur (just before it closed for the day) based on the recommendation from Ms I, as always. 🙂


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​Chat Thai @Campbell Street, Sydney

2016-08-16-17-32-42Ms I had recommended that we check out this very popular Thai restaurant.

So after we had settled down in our ultra lovely apartment in Meriton Campbell, we strolled to Chat Thai, which was right next door, thinking that it was still rather early. Erm, apparently at 5pm, we were not early enough, haha!

After some confusion, a friendly customer directed us to tear off the number on a sheet at the entrance, which turned out to be the queue number. You could also leave your name and phone number, but based on what we saw, if you were not waiting nearby when they called your queue number, they would just move on to the next number 😛

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Saigon Kitchen @Thomson Plaza

Dinner spread!

Dinner spread!

Relatively new kid on the block, we decided to give it a try, just in case it goes away as fast as its predecessor, which actually served rather delicious French crepes.

We ordered Pork and Prawn Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls ($6.95 for 3), Grilled Chicken Noodle Salad ($8.90) and Grilled Beef Combination Rice ($7.90). We were given a number tag number and we found a cosy corner to wait for our number to be called. Yes, you gotta pay attention!

The place was probably half-full with 5 to 6 tables of people, with some already eating their food, but we waited almost 30mins for our rice paper rolls! Another few more minutes for the combination rice… And more waiting for the salad… Not the place to go to if you are hungry to begin with… 😦 But I guess one has to wait for the meat to be grilled and the rice papers to be rolled… I’m sure the wait for Pho is much faster!

The food was actually not bad, or perhaps maybe we were too hungry 🙂 The meats have a hint of lemongrass and the spring rolls in the salad was crispy goodness! The raw cucumbers and bean sprouts, the pickled carrot and radish, were all crunchy and nice. We felt rather healthy… Haha! However, we did find that the salad and the rice paper rolls had mostly the same ingredients. The white vermicelli was quite plain and stuck together, but it went well with the dip.

Maybe we will come back to try the Pho someday!


  • Location: 301 Upper Thomson Road Thomson Plaza #01-117A S(574408)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
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