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교촌치킨 Kyochon Chicken 橋村炸雞 @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2387After all the hiking earlier, we decided that we really deserved a good treat! Of course, how can we miss out fried chicken while in Korea?

We made our enquiries with the hotel staff, and apparently, one of the most popular franchise for home delivery was 교촌치킨 Kyochon Chicken 橋村炸雞. We had initially requested for her to help us place an order to be delivered to the hotel, but she did a quick online search and found an outlet near us 😀

Initially, we started with a Korean menu, and one of the staff gave us some recommendations. Later on, we found another menu with some English explanation 😀

Essentially, there are 4 different flavours of Sweet, Soy Garlic, Spicy, Original and Boneless, and you can choose different parts of the chicken via Whole Chicken, Wings and Drumlets, Wings, Drumlets and Thigh, and Thigh.

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Les Bouchons @Ann Siang Road

Les Bouchons front

Les Bouchons front

Hubby had a craving for steak and he had been reading rave reviews on Les Bouchons, so off we went to Ann Siang Road (of course we had to make reservations first because apparently this is a very popular place)!

Les Bouchons was actually opposite Lolla (which we went with G and friend the last time), and reviews were full of praise on the steak-frites (steak and fries). This chain of French restaurants started in 1998 and there are now 5 of them along Club Street, each serving a slightly different clientele with their different offerings, and some more in Robertson Quay.

The place is quite small, with only 6 tables or so inside and a couple more alfresco tables. Interior deco has an European-like with heavy chairs, wooden tables and oil paintings. Lighting was not excessively bright but rather soothing and comfy to make dining a cozy affair.

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Saigon Kitchen @Thomson Plaza

Dinner spread!

Dinner spread!

Relatively new kid on the block, we decided to give it a try, just in case it goes away as fast as its predecessor, which actually served rather delicious French crepes.

We ordered Pork and Prawn Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls ($6.95 for 3), Grilled Chicken Noodle Salad ($8.90) and Grilled Beef Combination Rice ($7.90). We were given a number tag number and we found a cosy corner to wait for our number to be called. Yes, you gotta pay attention!

The place was probably half-full with 5 to 6 tables of people, with some already eating their food, but we waited almost 30mins for our rice paper rolls! Another few more minutes for the combination rice… And more waiting for the salad… Not the place to go to if you are hungry to begin with… 😦 But I guess one has to wait for the meat to be grilled and the rice papers to be rolled… I’m sure the wait for Pho is much faster!

The food was actually not bad, or perhaps maybe we were too hungry 🙂 The meats have a hint of lemongrass and the spring rolls in the salad was crispy goodness! The raw cucumbers and bean sprouts, the pickled carrot and radish, were all crunchy and nice. We felt rather healthy… Haha! However, we did find that the salad and the rice paper rolls had mostly the same ingredients. The white vermicelli was quite plain and stuck together, but it went well with the dip.

Maybe we will come back to try the Pho someday!


  • Location: 301 Upper Thomson Road Thomson Plaza #01-117A S(574408)
  • Hrs: 10am – 10pm
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Market Grill @Telok Ayer

Bar counter with menu

Bar counter with menu

Had a late afternoon meeting nearby and so we decided to explore this area!

Hubby read that the burgers here at Market Grill were excellent; so this was our first choice, with a backup plan to go to the Muffinry in case it was crowded here. Well, you always gotta have a backup plan when reservations are not allowed 🙂

Happy to say that on a Wednesday evening around 7pm, it was only half-full, with the tables mostly filled up, but the bar counter seats completely available. We were allotted a table beside the wall but the seats were very close to the next table. I guess the rent in the city centre is definitely not cheap so they need to squeeze every inch into sell-able space.

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Skinny Pizza @Plaza Singapura


Pumpkin Salad

It was shopping night with our niece and we ended up at Plaza Singapura! Long queues everywhere and we spotted a relatively shorter queue at Skinny Pizza so off we went to queue!

We got seats rather quickly and ordered a pumpkin salad, meatball Neapolitan pizza and turkey ham pizza.

The pumpkin bits and macadamia nuts were toasted and still warm when served, very addictive!

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The Cornerstone @Bishan Park

Cosy little place in the park

Cosy little place in the park

It’s a happy day so we are here for a happy lunch!

The Cornerstone is just located within Bishan Park and it’s one of the few places we go to whenever we have any cause for celebration (or sometimes we just wanna get out of the office!)

The indoor deco is modern and simple with a bar counter (mostly for customers who come in for drinks on soccer nights) and a cooking counter. Apparently they also conduct cooking classes, possibly to make better use of the place during slow-moving weekday afternoons. There is an alfresco area for customers who want to be closer to nature, and it’s especially refreshing to sit out there after a rain.

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