Huay Kwang Thai @Upper Thomson

Moo Ka Ta

Moo Ka Ta

It seems that Moo Ka Ta is the current food darling of everyone!

We tried coming here without reservations previously and were told in a rather matter-of-fact manner that the place is usually almost full with reservations. So we got a name card and I very cleverly SMS for reservations close to 6pm today. And there were still seats available for 7.30pm! Good thing that I made reservations; there was only 1 table left for walk-in when I arrived at around 7pm 😮

We ordered the buffet, and it comes with the usual suspects of beef, pork, chicken, fish, prawn and vegetables with different kinds of balls. The Moo Ka Ta or Thai-style steamboat-cum-BBQ has a hot dome plate (that acts as BBQ) which is surrounded by a trench filled with soup (that acts as steamboat). The trick is not to let your BBQ meat falls into the soup, or it will become a blanched piece of meat! 🙂

Variety was good, and there were different cuts of meats. It was fun too to play with the BBQ and try to balance it on the dome so that it doesn’t fall down. We thought the buffet was quite ok nothing to shout about. We may come back again, if we REALLY miss the BBQ smell. Haha…


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