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Maxwell Food Centre @Chinatown

We were in Chinatown this evening and decided to go Maxwell Food Centre for dinner. The place was still buzzing with people having dinner/supper and whatever in between. The queue at Lao Ban Beancurd though was not to be found. Guess everyone has outgrown dou hua already?

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Jing Hua Restaurant 京華小吃 @Chinatown

It’s a special day, so it’s a special meal! 🙂

We had just finished our massage, and was walking around the Ann Siang Hill/Duxton area to find a place for late dinner. Lots of pubs and bars around, but we decided to come back to this old favourite which we have patronised a few times before. It’s a simple Chinese-styed eatery along Neil Road with a equally simple menu of a few dishes. I guess there’s no need for a complicated menu which is full of everything but rather be good at a few that gets your customers keep coming back. 🙂

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