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​南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley @Dongcheng District, Beijing

2016-10-24-18-25-19Constructed in Year 1267 in the Yuan Dynasty, 南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley is located in one of the most popular preserved hutong areas, with locals living in the surrounding. There were officers and signboards at the little alleys when we walked along the stretch of 南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley, to remind visitors not to disturb the residents.

There were quite a few souvenir shops and cafes, but we were looking for this very popular 文宇奶酪店 Wenyu Cheese Shop.

There was quite a queue (though we overheard some locals walking by who mentioned that this place was quite empty in the day time), and we got ourselves a 原味双皮奶 Double-layer Steamed Milk (¥14). Made from fresh milk, the first layer looked rather wrinkly, and the flavour was surprisingly light and refreshing. Not bad at all!

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​Fratelli Fresh @Bridge Street, Sydney

Ms I highly recommended that we try out Fratelli Fresh, so we took a 15-minute walk here after our Walking Tour ended at the harbour front.

We ended up sharing a white base Parma Pizza (A$22) and a Cauliflower with Chickpea and Spinach (A$9.50) to share.

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Dee Tongue Thai by Rung Mama @Golden Mile Complex

2016-06-13 13.31.31JY brought us to this restaurant for lunch (after our delicious pre-lunch snack), and it was indeed a good decision!

Food here was affordable and delicious, and service was efficient! What we had:

  • Grilled Pork Moo Yang ($12): This was a rather large portion for the price. The pork pieces were tender and juicy.
  • Thai Pork Omelette Kai Jeow Moo ($10): This had reallly good wok-hei, and we loved it!
  • Stir-Fried Water Spinach Pad Boong Fai Daeng ($8): This dish was a tad too spicy for us… Even after picking out the chilli 😮
  • Pineapple Fried Rice Kao Pad Sa Palot Yai ($7 for small, $12 for large): Very fragrant and had a good balance of sweet and savoury.

Note: Only cash is accepted, and water can be purchased for $1 per bottle.


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Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant 文興酒家 @Capitol Piazza

We were here primarily for the duck, so we only ordered another vegetable dish… Mainly because the prices were really high! Here was what we tried.

  • Four Seasons Signature Roasted Duck 文興至尊燒鴨 ($68++ for whole, $36++ for half, $22 for 1 portion): The meat was quite tender, but it was not as crispy or fatty as the version we had in London. In fact, of the half duck that we had, only 2-3 pieces had crispy skin.
  • Poached Spinach with Century and Salted Egg in Superior Stock 金銀蛋菠菜 ($22++): This was just alright, and we thought that it would have tasted better with the usual Amaranth 苋菜. Most of the vegetables options were in the range of $22 to $24, which we thought was really quite pricey…

There were only Oolong or Chrysanthemum tea available ($2.20++ per person), and we opted for Oolong, which was a lovely complement to the duck.


  • Location: 13 Stamford Road Capitol Piazza #02-27/28/29 S(178905)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10:30pm
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Din Tai Fung @nex

There was this promotion on Amex cards for DTF so we decided to come here for dinner after running out of options (aka too lazy to think, haha…)

  • 上海醉鸡 Original Shanghainese Drunken Chicken ($8++): This was a cold dish that we always order at DTF and it didn’t fail us. Chicken was tender and juicy in the wine sauce.
  • 干拌菜肉馄饨 Vegetables and Pork Wanton tossed in well-seasoned Chicken Broth ($8.5++): Hubby wanted some wanton and this was pretty good.
  • 酥脆腐皮虾饼 Crispy Golden Prawn Pancake ($10.30++): A tad too oily.
  • 小笼包 Steamed Pork Dumplings ($7.80++ for 6 pieces): The usual which didn’t fail too.
  • 松露小笼包 Steamed Truffle & Pork Dumplings ($5++ per piece): Something different that we tried. The truffle smell permeated the dumplings but the skin was a tad too thick.
  • 蒜炒菠菜 Stir-fried Spinach with Garlic ($10.80++): Another staple and refresher to the palette after all the meat.
  • 辣蟹鲜肉包 Steamed Chilli Crab & Pork Bun (S2++ per piece): Very spicy and hot!
  • 茉莉花茶 Hot Jasmin Tea ($1++ per pax, free flow)

Food was generally ok, and DTF maintained their usual consistency in food taste and quality.


  • Location: 23 Serangoon Central nex #B1-10 S(556083)
  • Hrs: 11am – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)
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Tunglok Teahouse 同乐小聚 @Square 2

Bright interior

Bright interior

We had wanted to go Shin Yeh 欣叶 at Square 2 for some Taiwanese food, but to our surprise, it has become Tunglok Teahouse 同乐小聚!

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Flat Iron @17 Beak Street

Flat Iron Soho branch

Flat Iron Soho branch

While doing research for London eateries, hubby came across this new craft butchery (opened in 2012) that serves remarkable steak specialising in the flat iron cut but does not take reservations, and there are always long queues.

So on this day when we just returned from Iceland the night before, we decided that we should go try our luck!

Having just gone to the Apple Store nearby, we arrived 10 minutes before opening and there were already 2 people waiting in line. By the time Flat Iron opened its doors at 12 noon, there were 3 groups, and all tourists… In fact, all Chinese from different countries, haha.

There were a few long tables on the ground level for sharing (there is also an upper level with more tables), but since it was relatively empty, each group had a table to themselves. Decorations were minimal, with the food menu stuck to the wall by each table.

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Victor’s Kitchen @Sunshine Plaza

Busy from open to close

Busy from open to close

It’s an early Sunday and we were due for an Escape Game at Prinsep Street so we came earlier for a dim sum brunch!

Victor’s Kitchen has been in business for a long while and has been on many Must-Eat list also for a long while. It’s tugged in a little corner of Sunshine Plaza, and the stall floor space is not too large either. We counted close to 8 tables arranged in a school tuck shop style and diners are expected to share table (搭檯) like in Hong Kong.

There was already a queue formed when we reached around 10:15am (they open at 10:30am). The auntie let us in 5mins earlier but did not switch on the lights. She also cautioned some diners to lower their volume. Not sure if she broke any ‘rules’ by letting the diners into the stall early.

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Bhutan Day 2 – Thimphu

[Here is the photostream of Bhutan 2013 Day 2, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Indeed peaceful

Indeed peaceful

Woke up bright and early to have breakfast at 7:00 so that we can some time after breakfast to check out the rest of the hotel. We liked the beautiful flowers that were blooming in the little gardens! Then we realised another advantage of arriving at the beginning of breakfast time – we would definitely get hot food! However, breakfast was only ready around 07:15, so it might be a bit difficult if one was in a rush…

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Bhutan Day 1 – Paro to Thimphu

[Here is the photostream of Bhutan 2013 Day 1, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Happy couple landing in Paro

Happy couple landing in Paro

It was a very early morning for us! Managed to squeeze in a 4-hour nap before leaving house at 3:45am Singapore time to attempt to catch a cab to Changi Terminal 1. We were quite lucky to spot 2 empty cabs almost immediately! Managed to check in by 4:15… By then, there were already many people who had requested for seats on the left side of the plane (so that we can see the Himalayan mountain ranges from the plane)! Looks like everyone got the same advice from their tour agencies, or maybe we are all using the same agency, DrukAsia, the only Bhutanese agency that has a branch in Singapore currently 🙂 We had initially tried to get an upgrade to business class, unfortunately there was only 1 seat available. However, the staff was very kind to offer us an alternative – the economy seats with extra leg space (1 row behind business class) on the left side of the plane, and hubby got me the window seat!!! Woohoo!! I haven’t had a window seat for the last 4.5 years :p Thank you hubby!!!

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