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夏爾民宿 Shire Homestay @Yilan

AqSnSuERjXXZ9x767qcrniEGrEVKAqir6RhH0MoRhrPoStaying overnight at 宜蘭 Yilan county was almost a last resort, as we had initially thought of going 台東 Taitung during this trip. But we had started planning too late, and as information about 台東 Taitung was not as readily available as 台北 Taipei, we ended up deciding to just stay in 台北 Taipei. We were unable to get lodging at CityInn Hotel for Saturday, and that was when we decided on an overnight trip to 宜蘭 Yilan.

There are 3 main train stations in 宜蘭 Yilan, namely, 礁溪 Jiaoxi, 宜蘭 Yilan, and 羅東 Luodong. We had thought of going to 礁溪 Jiaoxi to see the famous 五峰旗 Wufengqi Waterfall, but clumsy me sprained my back while attempting to reach out for a pack of vegetables couple of weeks before the trip, plus the weather might be too cold for hot spring, so we figured that it was probably not much point staying at 礁溪 Jiaoxi. There appeared to be much more things to do near 宜蘭 Yilan Station, but we ended up choosing to stay at 羅東 Ludong, as we knew we would be ending our night at a night market, and 羅東夜市 Ludong Night Market is reputed to be one of the more famous ones. 🙂

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饗宴鐵板燒 Shen Yen Teppanyaki @Yilan

2016-01-10 12.37.10We were all hanging around at the dining area of the minsu and the Taiwanese couple shared that they had a lovely Teppanyaki dinner nearby, which they had made reservations 2 months in advance!

The minsu owner added that this was a very popular place, and that 周董 was known to book the entire place for parties (there’s a photo of him at the restaurant) 😮

Since we were checking out the next day and had no prior plans for lunch, she offered to help us make reservations for lunch.

A quick phone call later, and there were still seats available for the 13:10 and 14:10 timings, and so we picked the earlier slot. Thank you 小蘭!

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Day trip to 宜蘭 Yilan

We woke up bright and early to grab breakfast before going to the 台北轉運站 Taipei Bus Station to buy tickets for our bus ride to 宜蘭 Yilan. The bus frequency was very regular, and there were additional buses during peak hours, so we were happy to just hang around at the waiting area. We were pleasantly surprised to find the 台北轉運站 Taipei Bus Station to be very clean, and everything was very orderly, as compared to the previous time when we took the bus from Taichung to Taoyuan Airport. At the 葛瑪蘭客運 Kamalan Bus waiting area, there was even a staff offering drinks and biscuits for free to waiting passengers. Wow! We were very impressed 🙂

The bus seats very clean and spacious, and it was a very comfortable and smooth 70-min ride to 宜蘭轉運站 Yilan Bus Station… So comfortable that we were snoozing most of the time!

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