Taiwan 2017 Itinerary

IMG_4638Taiwan remains as our favourite short-trip destination!

Despite the slightly more expensive and longer flight as compared to Hong Kong, food and entertainment are definitely much more affordable in Taiwan, and I supposed it helps that we know the language.

We tried to do some different thing every trip, but we also love to revisit old places that brings fond memories to us as a couple… 🙂

Like the picture of 九份 Jiufen on the top banner, a place we love going back to, especially to sip tea on the balcony! Haha…

Here’s what we did in the short 4 days.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

  • Grabbed coffee at Cama Cafe (still as good as before – see previous trip here)
  • Breakfast at 金峰魯肉飯 Jinfeng Braised Pork Rice (still as good as before – see previous trip here)
  • Early lunch at 上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development (Prices seemed to have gone up a bit, but still yummy see previous trip here)
  • Pit stop at 克爾咖啡 Quel Cafe.
  • Rest stop at PK Caffe.
  • Early dinner at 陈家凉麵 and 亓家蒸餃
  • Grabbed some pineapple tarts from 佳德糕餅 Chia Te Bakery Co.
  • Strolled from 松山文創園區 Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to Taipei 101, to enjoy the night view
  • Supper at 寧夏夜市 Ningxia Night Market.

Day 4:

It has been a long while since we had a flight that took off on time. So we had a pleasant surprise when Jetstar announced boarding before the scheduled time, and that the plane started moving into the queue before take off time. Even better, we touched down 30 minutes ahead of schedule, and managed to get home a bit earlier. Thank you, Jetstar! 🙂

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