四季民福 Siji Minfu @Dongcheng District, Beijing

2016-10-26-22-52-46四季民福 Siji Minfu was another highly recommended place to go to for Peking Duck, and there was a relatively new outlet near the East Exit of 故宫博物院 The Palace Museum where one could savour the majestic beauty of the palace while munching on the delectable ducks (if you can get a seat by the window, that is).

It was almost 3pm when we left 故宫博物院 The Palace Museum (6 hours of walking and we still couldn’t finish all the exhibits), and we were starving!

We still had to queue despite the odd hours, but there were snacks available while we waited, so it was not too bad.

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故宫博物院 The Palace Museum @Dongcheng District, Beijing

2016-10-26-08-36-45-1We had originally intended to visit 故宫博物院 The Palace Museum aka 紫禁城 Forbidden City earlier on in our trip, but we had to exclude:

  • weekends (terrible crowds),
  • Monday (closed),
  • Tuesday (we discovered that schools get free entry on Tuesday which could only mean more crowds).

So we were really left with Wednesday to go…

Based on our experience with security checks the previous day at 天安门广场 Tiananmen Square (which is the usual starting point that 90% of the tourists would use to get to 午门 Meridian Gate, the only entrance to the 故宫博物院 The Palace Museum), we opted the following route which was about 15 minutes walk but we were glad we did because going through the security check at 天安门广场 Tiananmen Square was really a nightmare 🙂 :

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王府井 Wangfujing @Dongcheng District, Beijing

20161025_17543620161025_172256王府井 Wangfujing is a popular shopping area in Beijing with big shopping malls gathered along the main walking street.

It is also famous for 王府井小吃街 Wangfujing Food Alley, where visitors can show off their bravery by eating all kinds of insect snacks.

There are of course traditional Beijing street foods like 烧烤羊肉串 BBQ lamb sticks, 卤煮 stewed intestines, 冰糖葫芦 sugared candies etc. and souvenirs and toys for kids too. The atmosphere is lively and buzzing with people walking around with food in their hands and looking at toys and souvenirs and just shouting at each other.

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​云海肴亭云幸福馆 Yun Hai Yao @Haidian District, Beijing

2016-10-25-14-03-42After a delightful morning at 颐和园 Summer Palace, we exited through it’s East Exit and took a short stroll to a nearby Yunnan restaurant for a late lunch.

This is a restaurant chain specialising in Yunnan cuisine with 18 outlets over China (mostly in Beijing).

This year happened to be the restaurant’s 7th anniversary, so we opted for the Anniversary Set at ¥177 (usual price ¥210), which consisted of 黑松露牛肝菌焖牛蛙 Braised Bull Frog with Bolete and Black Truffle, 原味汽锅鸡 Steam Pot Chicken, 鸡丝凉米线 Cold Rice Noodles with Shredded Chicken, 盖菜炒山药 Sauteéd Leaf Mustard with Chinese Yam.

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​南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley @Dongcheng District, Beijing

2016-10-24-18-25-19Constructed in Year 1267 in the Yuan Dynasty, 南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley is located in one of the most popular preserved hutong areas, with locals living in the surrounding. There were officers and signboards at the little alleys when we walked along the stretch of 南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley, to remind visitors not to disturb the residents.

There were quite a few souvenir shops and cafes, but we were looking for this very popular 文宇奶酪店 Wenyu Cheese Shop.

There was quite a queue (though we overheard some locals walking by who mentioned that this place was quite empty in the day time), and we got ourselves a 原味双皮奶 Double-layer Steamed Milk (¥14). Made from fresh milk, the first layer looked rather wrinkly, and the flavour was surprisingly light and refreshing. Not bad at all!

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雍Cafe Yong Cafe @Dongcheng District, Beijing

2016-10-24-15-10-192016-10-24-15-09-29We were on our way to 雍和宫 Lama Temple when we spotted 雍Cafe Yong Cafe having 50% discount for takeaway coffee.

And so our first cup of latte in Beijing cost only RMB15!! For this price, the coffee was not bad.

And it felt really good to have something hot to drink in the cold 🙂


  • Location: No. 18 Yonghegong St, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100007 北京市东城区雍和宫大街18号 100007 (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take Subway Line 2 or 5 to 雍和宫 Yonghegong Station.
  • Hrs: 8am – 7pm
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​北京大董烤鸭店 Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck @Dongcheng District, Beijing

2016-10-24-13-16-16Peking duck is one of the must-try when one is in Beijing. With prices ranging from relatively cheap ¥100+ per bird to exorbitant (¥888 for roast duck coated in real gold), we are really spoilt for choice!

After much Googling and getting recommendations from friends, we decided to narrow down to 大董烤鸭 Da Dong and 四季民福 Sijiminfu.

Our first duck stop was at 大董烤鸭 Da Dong, for the main shop was quite near our hotel.

We reached the restaurant around 12.40pm and did not have to wait too long for a table.

This was a huge place and decorated beautifully, with menu thicker than my Mathematics textbooks 😮 The prices were also rather steep, but this restaurant has won multiple awards before too.

We decided to stick to basics and ordered Half a Duck (¥144 ~S$30) with Duck Condiments (¥12/person).

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吕记北京甑糕 Beijing Steam Cake @Shichahai, Beijing

After dinner at 烤肉季 Kaorouji, we strolled around the area, which had plenty of night-life activities! Bright lights everywhere, it was definitely different from what we have seen so far.


20161023_212837We also went to the nearby 烟袋斜街 Yandai Xiejie aka Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street, which is named  after the Chinese pipe, 烟袋 Yandai, that was traditionally sold on this street. Despite being a relatively short street, there were many interesting shops selling a wide variety of stuff.

After we had walked enough to create some space in our stomach, we went back to this 吕记北京甑糕 that we saw when walking from the Subway station earlier.

The word 甑 (zeng in fourth sound) refers to the ancient kitchen utensil made of clay that was used to steam mainly rice.

For ¥20, we got a set of 4 cakes with all 4 flavours and toppings. The texture of the cake reminded us of  Kueh Tutu aka Putu Piring, and the flavours were sweet and tangy, making it a lovely dessert!


  • Location: 6 Qianhai Dongyan, Shichahai, Xicheng Qu, China, 100009 北京市西城区前海东沿6号 100009
  • Directions: Take Subway Line 8 to 什刹海 Shichahai Station (Exit A2).
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烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji @Shichahai, Beijing

2016-10-23-20-11-21Long ago, hubby had to travel for work, and he came to 烤肉季饭庄 Kaorouji for dinner alone. This time, there are 2 of us but eating the same amount of food, haha!

This was one of the most popular 清真 halal establishment and apparently, they started 160 years ago in 1848!

It started with a farmer whose surname was 季 who sold roast beef and mutton along 什刹海 Shichahai as a street hawker back in the days of Qing Dynasty. The meat dishes were so fragrant they attracted many praises from the people in the many big mansions along Shichahai, and began calling him 烤肉季. In those days, when it comes to roast meat in Beijing, people always say 南宛北季, with 北季 referring to 烤肉季 in Shichahai.

Hence, we definitely need to check out this place!

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Day Trip to 金山岭长城 Jinshanling Great Wall @Beijing

2016-10-23-10-28-02We woke up extra early to visit 金山岭长城 Jinshanling Great Wall on our second day of arrival in Beijing!

Luckily it was still clear skies this morning, and we grabbed the buns that we bought last night and went to take the subway to 望京西站 Wangjing West Station.

At 望京西站 Wangjing West Station, we exited through Exit B, which led directly to an overhead bridge. We could see another bus interchange when we looked towards the right, but that was NOT the one. Instead, we took the stairs on the left at the end of the bridge and turned right to see a small police station on the right. We kept walking straight, past the public toilets, and saw a bus interchange with 2 gates and took the left one that says 金山岭 Jinshanling.

We had arrived just before 7.50am this Sunday morning, and there were easily 30 people in front of us (There needs to be a minimum of 20 passengers before the bus will move off, and the bus has a capacity of 50 passengers.)! Continue reading

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