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유가네닭갈비 Yoogane Dak-Galbi @Busan, South Korea

IMG_2163While we have yet to try out the 유가네닭갈비 Yoogane Dak-Galbi 柳氏家鐵板雞專門店 in Singapore, it is certainly not to be missed when in Busan, since this is where this popular Chicken Galbi brand first started out.

We got ourselves a medium 치즈퐁~닭 Fresh Cheese Chicken Galbi 新鮮的芝士雞排 (₩19,500) and a side order of 라면사라 Ramyeon 拉麵 (₩1,500).

Though the medium Chicken Galbi was meant for 2 to 3 pax, and the large Chicken Galbi  (₩28,500) was meant for 3 to 4 pax, 4 of us could barely finish the medium portion, probably because we had eaten so much at Jinhae 😛

It was really thoughtful of them to give us aprons, so that we did not have to worry about getting our clothes dirty. We were almost about to attack our food after the staff brought the ingredients over and left our table, but the lady at the next table quickly stopped us, and gestured that the staff would help us with the cooking. How nice of her! Shortly after, the staff returned and did the cooking for us, while we tried to control our excitement.

Once ready, we picked up our chopsticks and attacked! The cheese was gooey and stretchy, and definitely enhanced the flavours of the spicy and tender chicken pieces. All I could say was that it was really quite addictive, and of course we were all fighting over the ramen too 😛

It was truly a fun and filling meal!


  • Location: 부산광역시 부산진구 부전2동 242-21 242-21, Bujeon 2-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan
  • Directions: Walk along Seomyeon-ro at Exit 7 of Seomyeon Station
  • Hrs: 11am – 12am
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​南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley @Dongcheng District, Beijing

2016-10-24-18-25-19Constructed in Year 1267 in the Yuan Dynasty, 南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley is located in one of the most popular preserved hutong areas, with locals living in the surrounding. There were officers and signboards at the little alleys when we walked along the stretch of 南锣鼓巷 South Luogu Alley, to remind visitors not to disturb the residents.

There were quite a few souvenir shops and cafes, but we were looking for this very popular 文宇奶酪店 Wenyu Cheese Shop.

There was quite a queue (though we overheard some locals walking by who mentioned that this place was quite empty in the day time), and we got ourselves a 原味双皮奶 Double-layer Steamed Milk (¥14). Made from fresh milk, the first layer looked rather wrinkly, and the flavour was surprisingly light and refreshing. Not bad at all!

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​Whisk & Paddle @Punggol Waterway

img_0199We were nearby the area and decided to take a slow walk over to check out this place which we had paddled past a few weeks ago when we went to Coney Island.

On a late Saturday morning, the cafe was quite crowded (I guess many were here for brunch), but there were still a few tables available, so we did not had to queue at all 🙂

We already knew what we wanted to order, gathering from online reviews (and offline reviews from friends) and placed our orders!

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Luxe Singapore @Keong Siak Road

I was around this area waiting for hubby, and was looking around for dinner places. There were actually many food choices around this area, and I decided on Luxe because… The signage was appealing and the interior looked very welcoming!

Luxe originates from Sydney, Australia and this is their first overseas restaurant-bar, serving contemporary Australian cuisine with a Southeast Asian twist.

So we ordered:

  • Burrata with Cabbage Relish and Grilled Broccoli ($16+GST): This was surprising light and blended very well with the relish.
  • Grilled Barramundi with Rojak Flower Butter Sauce ($36+): We totally loved this fish! It might be a little low in the quantity, but definitely up the scales in terms of quality! The skin was oh-so-crispy! The fish was very fresh and cooked to perfection, and the sauce complemented it really well. An excellent recommendation by the staff!
  • Luxe Burger with Grass-fed Beef, Cheese, House-made pickles, Lettuce and Fries (replaced fries with salad, $28+): Charcoal bun was used and it kind of gave an interesting feel to the burger concept. The patty was juicy and hubby enjoyed it very much!
  • Freshly Cold-pressed Green Apple Juice ($6+): Surprisingly sweet, it was quite refreshing.

This was quite a nice place to chill out and we had a lovely time here 🙂


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謝記 Hong Kong Dessert @Jubilee Square

Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus

Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus

Beef with Melted Cheese

Beef with Melted Cheese

Located at a corner of Jubilee Square, this is a cosy little halal eatery that is rather popular. It started with just desserts alone (if my memory did not fail me) but now is also serving mains and dim sum! Somehow it managed to pack around 30 seats within such a small space, really reminding us of Hong Kong! We decided to try a couple of items.

  • 芝味牛柳脆 Beef with Melted Cheese ($4.30): The mozzarella cheese within the minced meat with onions was really stretchy! The slightly burnt bits actually enhanced the taste. Overall, it was quite flavourful, but a bit too oily.
  • 南北杏雪耳炖椰子 Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus ($5.50): Supposed to “cleanse the intestines, promotes body nourishment, cools the body system and dissipates heat”, we thought we needed this post trip, haha! Not overly sweet, this hot dessert was deliciously soothing! The coconut flesh came off easily and was very tender, loved it! The white fungus could have been slightly softer though.

  • Location: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-02 Jubilee Square S(569814)
  • Hrs: 11am – 11pm
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La Pizzaiola @Teacher’s Estate

I was searching for dinner options and chanced upon this Italian restaurant, La Pizzaiola (they have another branch beside Wimbly Lu in Serangoon) which was within the Teacher’s Estate. Funny we didn’t noticed its existence when we frequented a rather delicious fish head curry restaurant that used to be in this area.

We tried one of the specials, Stracciatella with Homemade Bread and Fresh Rockets, the La Pizzaiola Speciale, and Spaghetti alle Vongole.

The Stracciatella (a kind of buttery cheese) was the highlight of the night! The accompanying bread was soft and warm, and when spread with the Stracciatella cheese and topped with the fresh rocket, made each mouthful a bursting happiness of flavours! The La Pizzaiola Speciale was a roast beef pizza and was extremely delicious too! The pizza base was not as thin as we would preferred it to be but it was soft and not as hard as some of the other ones which we have tried elsewhere. The roast beef was a fresh idea which we have not tried before but it blended pretty well with the rocket, the cheese and the tomato base. The pasta, on the other hand, was only marginally better than what we had at Jamie’s… I’m not sure, maybe this was how authentic pasta was supposed to taste like? But we really disliked this type of sticky pasta.

Overall, a pretty satisfied meal and I am sure we will be back for more!


  • Location: 19 Kalidasa Avenue S(789398)
  • Hrs: 11.30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10.30pm (Tue–Sun)
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Market Grill @Telok Ayer

Bar counter with menu

Bar counter with menu

Had a late afternoon meeting nearby and so we decided to explore this area!

Hubby read that the burgers here at Market Grill were excellent; so this was our first choice, with a backup plan to go to the Muffinry in case it was crowded here. Well, you always gotta have a backup plan when reservations are not allowed 🙂

Happy to say that on a Wednesday evening around 7pm, it was only half-full, with the tables mostly filled up, but the bar counter seats completely available. We were allotted a table beside the wall but the seats were very close to the next table. I guess the rent in the city centre is definitely not cheap so they need to squeeze every inch into sell-able space.

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Mu Parlour @Holland Village

Happy couple!

Happy couple!

"Life is short, eat dessert first."

“Life is short, eat dessert first.”

After our relaxing massage in Holland Village, it’s time for dinner!

Searched on 4SQ and found this place called Mu Parlour. Wondering what it was, we walked up and down Holland Village but was not able to find it. So we went to CRAFT Bakery to finally try The Craft.

After The Craft and a risotto, we were somewhat still not fully satisfied. We were determined to find Mu Parlour!

So we walked around and around again. Then when we were about to give up near Coffee Bean, and when we looked up, we realised there’s a 2nd Floor just on top of Coffee Bean. And a vertical banner just outside the stairs said “Mu Parlour“! 🙂

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Osteria Mozza @MBS

Watching chef in action

Watching chef in action

Chef at salad station

Chef at salad station

We were back in this vicinity again! This time we were at Gardens by the Bay and decided to go Marina Bay Sands for dinner. It does seem like we are trying to conquer all the Celebrity Chef restaurants huh? 😛

We ended up at Osteria Mozza today! Chefs Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich (the botak judge from MasterChef) meld their prodigious talents to bring Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza to the heart of Singapore, and this is one of the 2 Mozzas in the world.

Only the counter seats were available tonight, but it was quite fun to watch the chefs in action actually 🙂 The waiter recommended that we try a 3-course meal and suggested to split up one portion of pasta into two instead of ordering two portions. What a good idea!

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