​Edition Coffee Roasters @Darlinghurst, Sydney

2016-08-20-08-24-09We picked up a cup of Latte (A$3.50) on our way (just like what we did when we were on our way to The Rocks) to the ever popular Bills, and enjoyed this bitter and smooth cup!

We could not find the signboard and only knew the cafe name from the cup 😮 Apparently it is quite popular from the reviews on Google, Zomato, Yelp etc. It is also famous for it’s coffee and Nordic-Japanese fusion breakfasts (we saw lots of sesame pancakes!) and it’s clean, white, minimalist decor. Too bad we were on our way to Bills since it’s our last free morning in Sydney.

It was lovely to have a hot drink with us as we strolled on during this rather windy morning.


  • Location: 265 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the train to Museum Station and walk along Liverpool Street
  • Hrs: 7am – 3:30pm (Mon-Fri), 8am – 3:30pm (Sat-Sun)
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​The Orient @The Rocks, Sydney

2016-08-19-20-03-05When we did our first Sydney Free Day Walking Tour on the second day, the guide highly recommended that we try Kangaroo meat, which tastes delicious when cooked to medium rare or rare, but becomes very tough when overcooked.

She also suggested a few places that we can go, and we eventually came to the Dining Room at The Orient, after our second Sydney Free Night Walking Tour by the same company.

It was actually a very busy pub on the ground floor, a restaurant on the second floor (or first floor, according to Australians) which was relatively much quieter, and a night club on the top floor.

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​Brewtown Newtown @Newtown, Sydney

After our lunch at Sydney Fish Market, Ms I brought us to this place that is popular for cronut, a croissant-doughnut pastry invented by New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel and trademarked by Dominique Ansel Bakery.

We shared a Glazed Cronut (A$5). If you do get a chance to try this, try not to cut it to avoid squashing the layers.

While Ms I thought it tasted like a croissant, hubby and I thought it tasted like a doughnut. Guess it did lived up to its name! Haha…

Hubby thought that his skinny Flat White (A$3.50) was just alright, and it was not very strong. My Winter Iced Tea (A$6) was supposed to be spiced Darjeeling with chamomile, lemongrass, and citrus, but the flavours were quite light. They served sparkling water here which we thoroughly enjoyed!


  • Location: 6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia (Google Map)
  • (Facebook)
  • Directions: Take the train to Macdonaldtown Station and walk 8mins via Burren Street and WatKin Street
  • Hrs: 8am – 4pm
  • Reservation: (02) 9247 6371
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​Pancakes on the Rocks @The Rocks, Sydney


Pancakes on the Rocks is a must-visit for tourists, and I had a taste of it many years ago during my work trip, and figured that I had to bring hubby here!

This was actually pre-lunch, for we were still trying to arrange to meet Ms I elsewhere, when we found that this place was practically empty!

What a stark contrast, as compared to the previous evening that we walked by and the queue was oh-so-long. Without much hesitation, we walked in 😛

We shared an Aussie Sunrise (A$15.95), which consisted of two buttermilk pancakes with whipped butter, bacon, an egg, grilled banana, and pineapples.

Erm, hubby thought that this place felt very American, and the pancake was just normal. Oh well, we will just check this off our list as a been-there-done-that 🙂


  • Location: 4 Hickson Rd, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the train to Circular Quay Station and walk to The Rocks
  • Hrs: Open 24 hours
  • Reservation: (02) 9247 6371
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​Workshop Expresso @George Street, Sydney

This was a beautiful morning and we were walking along George Street to The Rocks when we suddenly noticed a queue forming outside The Galeries.

We had a close look and there are a few communal tables inside and they sell a limited amount of sandwiches and pastries. A bit of Googling revealed that they also happened to be a popular coffee joint! I of course could not miss this opportunity of another skinny Latte (A$4) to go!

Opened since 2009, Workshop uses top notch single origin beans and has been the favourites of office workers around the CBD area who can be seen queuing up at all times to get a cup in their hands.

The coffee was fragrant and full of body and really pecked us up while we continued our walk to The Rocks for the The Rocks Friday Foodie Market!


  • Location: 500 George Street, The Galeries, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the train to Townhall Station and walk along George Street
  • Hrs: 6am – 5pm (Mon-Wed, Fri), 6am – 6pm (Thu), 8am – 4:30pm (Sat), 8am – 4pm (Sun)
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​Sydney Madang Korean BBQ Restaurant @Pitt Street, Sydney

Another recommendation by Ms I, Madang is a popular Korean BBQ restaurant near our apartment. We reached the restaurant just past 7.30pm, and there was a small crowd waiting outside. Luckily, there were more tables for smaller groups, and we only waited 15 minutes for our table.

We were seated near the entrance, and it was kind of nice for we had the heater right next to our table, with a lovely breeze coming in front the entrance. Hubby said it reminded him of the street food eats feeling.


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​La Renaissance Patisserie & Cafe @The Rocks, Sydney

2016-08-18-15-50-02Our main purpose in visiting Melbourne and Sydney this year was to visit our friends in these 2 cities. So we arranged to meet Ms I almost everyday while we were here. Haha…

After the morning walking tour and delicious pizza lunch, we took a slow stroll to meet Ms I at this little cafe at The Rocks.

La Renaissance was founded in 1974 and moved to the current old building in The Rocks in 1992. The counter in the building is very small with a colourful and beautiful display of cakes and French pastries. They do however have tables out front of the cafe on Argyle street and a courtyard cafe inside the premises.

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​Fratelli Fresh @Bridge Street, Sydney

Ms I highly recommended that we try out Fratelli Fresh, so we took a 15-minute walk here after our Walking Tour ended at the harbour front.

We ended up sharing a white base Parma Pizza (A$22) and a Cauliflower with Chickpea and Spinach (A$9.50) to share.

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​Joe Black Cafe @Surry Hills, Sydney

2016-08-18-09-25-51Since we only had a Matcha Latte take away (check out the cup on the table) from the small Cafe Cre Asion, we decided to turn at the corner into Commonwealth Street and landed on Joe Black Cafe which had a good rating on Google.

The cafe was very cozy and warm with a very community feel to it. On one of the walls (where we were seated), there was a drawing of a train map that became a very interesting talking point for its customers.

We especially loved the warm hospitality of the servers as they get around to take our orders, fetched and topped up our tap waters. The whole lively vibe of the place just boosted our level of likeness for Sydney on a whole!

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​Cafe Cre Asion @Alberta Street, Sydney

2016-08-18-09-12-20We read that this place serves the best matcha latte in Sydney, and figured that we needed to give it a shot.

This was a very small cafe with very little seats. In addition to matcha latte, it also sells a whole range of matcha-related muffins, cakes, and cookies. Talk about a heaven for matcha lovers!

They also serve some light breakfast options. However, with the limited seating and crowd queuing for their morning cuppa, we decided on taking away our Matcha Latte (A$5).

The first sip was simply heavenly!

Strong matcha with a lovely bitter tail end, this was an instant perk-me-up. The drink progressively became more milky as we continued to drink it. Not sure if this was the best matcha latte in Sydney, but it was certainly not bad.


  • Location: 101/21 Alberta Street, Sydney, Australia 2000 (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the train to Museum Station and walk along Liverpool Street before  turning right into Commonwealth Street and then Alberta Street
  • Hrs: 8am – 4pm (Mon-Fri), 9am – 4pm (Sat)
  • Reservation: (02) 8021 1629
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