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Hyde & Co @North Bridge Road

2017-06-24 12.44.522017-06-24 12.26.12Our second stop today was the nearby Hyde & Co for lunch.

This was a small but popular cafe, and was almost full house at 1pm!

  • The Bomb ($13.90 for half portion): We liked that there was half portions (4 pieces) available. The prawns were fresh, and the chye poh (pickled radish) omelette as pizza topping was definitely something interesting, but the samba chinchalok spread was too spicy for us, and the pizza base was too hard. Also, our pizza was kinda burnt.
  • Hyde’s Chilli Crab Pasta ($22.90): There was a generous amount of Blue Swimmer crab meat, and the spicy Arrabiata sauce had sufficient kick without being overly spicy. It complemented the linguine well, and we enjoyed the pasta very much.
  • My Fair Lady ($6.50): We requested for the iced tea to be without sugar. The iced Earl Grey Tea with milk was light with a hint of rose. Quite lovely.

Note: Wi-Fi and water (including hot water!) is available for free.


  • Location: 785 North Bridge Road S(198753)
  • Website: (Facebook)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 6pm (Sun-Mon), 12pm – 10:30pm (Wed-Sat)
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​Peperoni Pizzeria @ Upper Thomson

2016-10-18-20-56-20A new pizza joint has appeared in Upper Thomson after Crust Pizza closed. Hubby was most excited to try out this place!

  • Rosticciana ($28 nett): This was a rather small rack of oven-roasted, herb-marinated baby back ribs (5 ribs), served with leafy salad and wedges. The wedges were not bad. While the baby ribs were quite tender with a sweet glaze, there was a rather overpowering pork smell that made this dish less than satisfactory.
  • Salmone ($19 for 9 inches): Fresh salmon, caramelised onions & capers as toppings, we enjoyed the thin-crust pizza very much!

I suspect we will be back here again to try out the rest of the pizza flavours 🙂


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​Fratelli Fresh @Bridge Street, Sydney

Ms I highly recommended that we try out Fratelli Fresh, so we took a 15-minute walk here after our Walking Tour ended at the harbour front.

We ended up sharing a white base Parma Pizza (A$22) and a Cauliflower with Chickpea and Spinach (A$9.50) to share.

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​Seasons Provedore @Lygon Street, Melbourne

2016-08-11-14-47-25We were walking along Lygon Street (known as Little Italy in Melbourne) after our morning trip to Brighton Beach, trying to figure out which of the (many) Italian restaurant we should try, when JJ pointed out Seasons Provedore to us, as she had dined here before with good experience.

Trusting her precious good experience, we decided to have our lunch here too.

The Chicken Curry Pie (A$10.50) was a gorgeous huge pie served warmed, with buttery pastry and oh-so-juicy huge chicken chunks filling up the pie entirely, and curry filling up the gaps! This is how chicken pies should be, filled with huge chicken chunks instead of potatoes and frozen peas and carrots. Oh, and this is an award-winning pie!

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La Nonna @Holland Village

IMG_4229We were looking for something new to try, at Holland Village but alas, the new Cantonese restaurant (Full of Luck Club) is still not yet opened (it opens tomorrow 20 May 2016!!!).

Taking a quick stroll along Lorong Mambong, La Nonna seemed rather popular. We quickly settled down and got ourselves a chef’s special of Squid Ink Spaghetti with mixed Seafood ($24++), and a La Nonna Pizza ($23.90++).

IMG_4228The tangy squid ink pasta was really good! We loved the sauce, and the al-dente pasta! The seafood were also very fresh, and very soon, we had very dark lips and very satisfied tummies!

The thin crust pizza was oozing truffle aroma goodness when it arrived, and we quite enjoyed it too. Somehow, the asparagus managed to retain its juice and sweetness, and the egg was sooooo runny.

This was a good dinner indeed 🙂 We were pleasantly surprised to find that there was a 1-for-1 promotion with UOB credit cards, so our pizza was free!


  • Location: 26/26B Lorong Mambong S(277685)
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10:30pm
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Pontini @Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

After so long, we finally tried it!!

While we were still dating, my then-boyfriend said that he wanted to bring me to this authentic Italian restaurant, Pontini. Boyfriend became hubby for 6 years… And today, we finally had the chance to go 😀

Pontini has undergone several changes since those days but it remains one of the top Italian restaurants around. The decor was inviting and full of warmth with tables far apart enough to not give a congested environment. The lighting was soothing and provided a cosy atmosphere for casual conversations among diners.

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La Pizzaiola @Teacher’s Estate

I was searching for dinner options and chanced upon this Italian restaurant, La Pizzaiola (they have another branch beside Wimbly Lu in Serangoon) which was within the Teacher’s Estate. Funny we didn’t noticed its existence when we frequented a rather delicious fish head curry restaurant that used to be in this area.

We tried one of the specials, Stracciatella with Homemade Bread and Fresh Rockets, the La Pizzaiola Speciale, and Spaghetti alle Vongole.

The Stracciatella (a kind of buttery cheese) was the highlight of the night! The accompanying bread was soft and warm, and when spread with the Stracciatella cheese and topped with the fresh rocket, made each mouthful a bursting happiness of flavours! The La Pizzaiola Speciale was a roast beef pizza and was extremely delicious too! The pizza base was not as thin as we would preferred it to be but it was soft and not as hard as some of the other ones which we have tried elsewhere. The roast beef was a fresh idea which we have not tried before but it blended pretty well with the rocket, the cheese and the tomato base. The pasta, on the other hand, was only marginally better than what we had at Jamie’s… I’m not sure, maybe this was how authentic pasta was supposed to taste like? But we really disliked this type of sticky pasta.

Overall, a pretty satisfied meal and I am sure we will be back for more!


  • Location: 19 Kalidasa Avenue S(789398)
  • Hrs: 11.30am – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10.30pm (Tue–Sun)
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Skinny Pizza @Plaza Singapura


Pumpkin Salad

It was shopping night with our niece and we ended up at Plaza Singapura! Long queues everywhere and we spotted a relatively shorter queue at Skinny Pizza so off we went to queue!

We got seats rather quickly and ordered a pumpkin salad, meatball Neapolitan pizza and turkey ham pizza.

The pumpkin bits and macadamia nuts were toasted and still warm when served, very addictive!

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Kabe no Ana @nex



The month is ending and so is our Ichiban Rewards Card, so we are here at nex to spend it away at Kabe no Ana!

This Japanese pasta and pizza restaurant is part of the RE&S Group of restaurants and this outlet at nex is part of its Japanese Food Street called Shokutsu 10. The restaurants/cafes here in the food street are Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery, Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery Café, Kabe no Ana Japanese Pasta, Tontei Pork Restaurant, Shimbashi Soba, Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant, Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen, Yaki Yaki Bo Teppanyaki Restaurant, and Kuriya Japanese Fresh Fish Market. We often had a hard time deciding which one to try.

Today we let the complimentary items in our Ichiban Rewards Card decide and those on offer at Kabe no Ana looked more pleasing to us at this moment. 🙂

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Peperoni Pizzeria @Greenwood Ave

Rustic feel

Rustic feel

A wonderful Saturday and we woke up early to challenge (yet again) ourselves to Bukit Timah hill, and of course the wonderful Liu Sha Bao after that! But the highlight of the day was definitely not only the baos, but the yummy Italian food that came after the baos!

We made our way to the nearest bus stop to Greenwood Ave (one of the outlets), and low and behold, it started to rain!! And very very heavily at that! Between the few of us (and the few umbrellas we shared), we were totally drenched by the time we walked in to the rustic-feeling place…

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