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Day trip to 九份 Jiufen

IMG_4677It had been a while since we last visited 九份 Jiufen, and our main objective today was to laze our afternoon away drinking tea (just like what we did 9 years ago) 🙂

IMG20171030115108We took the train to 瑞芳火車站 Ruifang Train Station, and as it was close to noon, we figured we should grab a bite first at the 瑞芳美食街 (Ruifang Food Street) just opposite the train station.

Once again, we got ourselves a 龍鳳腿 Dragon Phoenix Leg (NT10), which was made of minced chicken and cabbage wrapped by 豬网油 (layer of pork lard which looked like spider web) and then deep fried. This was still as good as ever! We also had 貢丸湯 Meat Ball Soup (NT30) and 豬血湯 Pig’s Blood Soup (NT30) because the vampire wife needed her dosage to satisfy her bloodthirsty cravings 😛

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Song Kee Fish Ball Noodles @Upper Serangoon Road

Delicious fish dumplings!

Delicious fish dumplings!

We finally managed to meet up with Ms J for supper at her favourite noodles stall, which was apparently very popular, and especially famous for hand-made fish dumpling “her giao” (鱼饺). When we arrived at the shop close to midnight, we were shocked at the crowd! The tables were sprawling to outside of the shop… and beyond 😮

We quickly made our orders (and were told that the estimated waiting time was around 45 minutes), take our queue number tag, before searching for a table. Cold drinks were self-service, and we just grabbed whatever we wanted from the fridge. Unfortunately, the drinks guy was too busy and though he promised to get us cups of ice later, he totally forgot about it 😦

The wait did not feel too long, especially when we have good company 🙂 Even better, if you enjoy the very retro 1940s-1960s Chinese music? I could imagine my parents singing along!

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