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Sushiro @Thomson Plaza

img_3785We had walked past here a few times, but never quite managed to eat here; the queue was usually very long!

Today, we had tried to call earlier to make reservations, but alas, the staff must have been too busy to pick up calls. Nonetheless, we thought of just popping by to see the queue situation.

Thankfully, the queue was relatively short (i.e. not beyond the rice dumping shop), and more importantly, we could see that some tables were finishing up. So at 12:15pm, we decided to queue for lunch 🙂

Being a 12-seater restaurant, including 4 counter seats, and 4 tables of 2 pax each, this place is definitely not a place for big groups. If you are willing to squeeze, they have an additional 7 chairs somewhere for the queue, but able to set up tables of 3s and even 4s! Everyone was rather cooperative and willing to shift a little to make space, so we now have a 16-seater restaurant. Of course, there were also some diners who chose to play with their mobile phone after their meal, hence hogging the table and earning lots of dagger stares from the queue. Not like they cared though, haha! The staff were also nice enough not to chase them away. I guess we still have lots to learn from the Hong Kong cha chan tengs.

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Day trip to 伏見 Fushimi

2015-12-09 08.29.29 2015-12-09 08.12.35We went to check out the many Torii gates at 伏見稲荷大社 Fushimi Inari in the morning, and we discovered that there were now many more Torii gates compared to our previous visit in 2011, making it an even prettier sight. As we were entering the shrine close to 9am, we saw a few visitors leaving 😮 There were easily at least another 20 visitors making their way up at the same time as us, but most of them were quite quiet and orderly in their movements, so it was a rather pleasant walk. Despite the cold, we soon got warm as we slowly made our way up to the view point. Our journey to and fro the view point was about an hour. We were glad we came early; by the time we made our descent, it became really crowded!

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Half day trip to 姫路 Himeji

We left Kyoto early, after yesterday’s satisfying 紅葉 koyo experience, to 岡山 Okayama, dropped our bags at the hotel, and went straight to take the train to 姫路 Himeji (since we had activated our JR Pass).

At the station, we met a very helpful information counter staff who spoke Mandarin, and gave us some advice for our day trip, and also directed us to the popular タコピア Tako Pia at グランフェスタ Grand Fiesta, which was just in front of 姫路駅 Himeji Station.

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Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining @Sunshine Plaza

We were intending to go check out Clinton Street Bakery, but passed by Sunshine Plaza and decided to pop in to see if Victor’s Kitchen was available. Oh well, the queue was very long!

We then recalled seeing a Japanese vegetarian restaurant, that we also wanted to try out. The restaurant was split into 2 sides, and has apparently expanded beyond this, as one of staff guided the customers to somewhere out there to their tables 😮 So popular! We were lucky to secure a table as some customers were leaving. We decided to try some of the ala carte items:

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