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Thiwsoen Seafood Restaurant @Mai Khao

2015-11-10 20.50.58Located about 10-minute walk away from Marriott Vacation Club Resort and Spa, we read about its relatively good food in Tripadvisor and decided to go explore!

From the main entrance of the resort, we made a right turn and pretty much just followed the road and then a right turn at the junction and just continued to walk and walk. The sun was setting as we strolled, aand it was all dark by the time we arrived at the rows of stalls. We did not really check out the rest of the stalls, but made our way somewhere just past the middle to Thiwsoen.

We were given seats at a little hut, and a basin of water and insect repellent arrived at our table, how thoughtful! Without the insect repellent, we would have been covered with bites.

Food prices were comparable to Kin Dee, and we decided to sample a few dishes:

  • Shrimp Cake (200B): Soft and slightly fluffy, the fried shrimp cakes were not dense like the crab cakes that we had at Kin Dee. The batter had plenty of shrimp bits and was yummy!
  • Fried Morning Glory (100B): Quite standard stir fry Kang Kong with bean paste, that was abit too salty.
  • Hor Mok Steamed Seafood with Curry Paste in Coconut (280B): A form of Thai curry fish custard, this was the winner of the night. It was super fragrant, and the shrimps, crab claws and squids were very fresh and sweet. Scrapping off the coconut flesh and eating with the slightly sweet and spicy curry was a bonus!

Overall, it was quite a lovely meal, minus the mosquitoes, and the cute little boy running all over taking orders and serving food gave this little family-run eatery a even more welcoming feel, and we left the place happily, with our phone flashlights on, as we made our way back along the now almost-dark roads.


  • Location: Mai Khao, Thalang District, Phuket, Thailand
  • Hrs: Dinner hours
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謝記 Hong Kong Dessert @Jubilee Square

Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus

Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus

Beef with Melted Cheese

Beef with Melted Cheese

Located at a corner of Jubilee Square, this is a cosy little halal eatery that is rather popular. It started with just desserts alone (if my memory did not fail me) but now is also serving mains and dim sum! Somehow it managed to pack around 30 seats within such a small space, really reminding us of Hong Kong! We decided to try a couple of items.

  • 芝味牛柳脆 Beef with Melted Cheese ($4.30): The mozzarella cheese within the minced meat with onions was really stretchy! The slightly burnt bits actually enhanced the taste. Overall, it was quite flavourful, but a bit too oily.
  • 南北杏雪耳炖椰子 Braised Coconut with Snow Fungus ($5.50): Supposed to “cleanse the intestines, promotes body nourishment, cools the body system and dissipates heat”, we thought we needed this post trip, haha! Not overly sweet, this hot dessert was deliciously soothing! The coconut flesh came off easily and was very tender, loved it! The white fungus could have been slightly softer though.

  • Location: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #01-02 Jubilee Square S(569814)
  • Hrs: 11am – 11pm
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Bali 2014 Day 3

[Here is the photostream of Bali 2014, for those who prefer pictures to tell a story. 🙂]

Day 3 in Bali!

Day 3 in Bali!

We woke up bright and early at 6am to prepare to go to the morning market! Hubby had French Toast with Ham and Egg, while I stuck to Bubur Ayam 😛

We were feeling quite tired because of the lack of quality sleep the night before due to the power trip. And this morning, we discovered that our safety deposit box in the room had malfunctioned (could be because of a weak battery) and we could not unlock it! 😮 Luckily, the staff was very prompt in action and managed to help us retrieve our stuff.

We were assured that the maintenance team would come by and ensure that everything was fine.

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L’Rez @Nanyang Polytechnic

Here again!

Here again!

This time round, it was to meet an old friend!

So we tried to make a reservation but reservations were full, and we were advised to try walking in at 11:30am. And we did, but it was not full leh! Haha…

L’Rez has been teaming up with more local celebrity chefs in the “Celebrity Chef Series”. After Violet Oon, there was Chef Michael from Brussels Sprouts Group, Celebrity “Chef-in-Black” Emmanuel Stroobant from Saint Pierre and Celebrity Chef Eric Teo from Mandarin Oriental. Good reviews were heard from diners and this proves to be a great opportunity for students to learn from the best!

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