​Brother Baba Budan @Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

2016-08-14-10-37-25We slept in today because we had a long day at Phillip Island yesterday, and only ventured out after 10am.

We were just walking along Elizabeth Street, trying to find something to munch. And we passed by Brother Baba Budan again!

This time, I didn’t miss the chance to walk in and got myself a skinny Latte (A$4) to go since there weren’t much pastry choices and we were going to Queen Victoria Market later. And boy, this was the best coffee I have had so far in Melbourne!

I was telling wifey that the first sip of the coffee instinctively tells me if I am going to like this coffee or not; it needs to give me that warm, oomph feeling and not just a meh kind of feel. And this cup from Brother Baba Budan definitely did that. It was smooth, aromatic with the right temperature that just flows effortlessly down your throat exciting every cell along the way…


  • Location: 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take the (free) tram to Burke Street Mall and walk along Little Burke Street.
  • Hrs: 7am – 5pm (Mon-Sat), 9am – 5pm (Sun)
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Kimchi Grandma Restaurant @Carnegie, Victoria

2016-08-13-21-20-37After a long day trip of feeding pelicans and watching penguins come home at Phillip Island, we were hunting for a late dinner on our way back to Melbourne CBD, and XY brought us to his favourite Korean restaurant, which he said was cheap and good!

This is a simple restaurant in the neighbourhood of Carnegie 16km south-east of Melbourne CBD, with simple decor but serves up authentic delicious Korean dishes with warm hospitality.

As in the case of traditional Korean restaurants, the appetizers came in generous portions and were yummy too, and refillable! It was also fortunate that we came as a group of 5, for the portions of the main dishes were huge!

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​The Cape Kitchen @Phillip Island, Victoria

2016-08-13-12-53-59After we fed the pelicans and toured the Chocolate Factory on Phillip Island, it’s time to find lunch!

A quick search on Google brought us to The Cape Kitchen and we gotta say, the ocean view from the restaurant was awesome!!

This is also a popular place for weddings and celebrations apparently because it offers breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean and coastline with a menu that is focussed on what is in-season as well as introducing unique Australian flavours.

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​Top Paddock @Richmond, Melbourne

2016-08-13-08-28-57Before the start of our day-trip to Philip Island, we needed to have some good breakfast!

Top Paddock has been the darling of breakfast places since it’s opening (Zomato, TripAdvisor, Yelp etc.), and so here we were!

We took Tram 75 from Flinders Street to East Richmond Station (Stop 11) and decided to take an easy stroll along the straight road past 4 tram stops to this place.

Having arrived around 7.50am, we were a bit early, but they had a section opened up for customers to wait. Strangely they open an hour later at 8am on weekends than on weekdays when they open at 7am.

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​Roule Galette @Flinders Lane, Melbourne

2016-08-12-20-20-42We were looking for a place to warm ourselves up after a free tram ride back to the CBD area from watching the fireworks display at Docklands Waterfront. We stumbled across this cozy place which was still opened while looking for a cafe, and the French crepes called out to us!

This quaint little cafe is located in a small alley at the end of Port Phillip Arcade and has 3, 4 small tables inside with another couple outside. Google describes it as a Busy, cosy French creperie with a warm vibe, offering sweet and savoury options, cider and wine. And Google is right! The service is warm and people are friendly!

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BangPop @South Wharf, Melbourne

wp-image-780699807jpg.jpgThis was a rather atas-looking Thai restaurant, with ATMs located within the restaurant 😮 But we wanted to grab dinner fast, before walking over to Docklands for a good spot to watch fireworks display, so we decided to just head into it.

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South Melbourne Market @South Melbourne, Melbourne

After a visit to National Gallery of Victoria, we decided to take a stroll (~30mins) to South Melbourne Market (since it’s on the same side of the river). It was a good exercise for us since we had such a filling breakfast and good time to catch up with each other as we chatted along the walk.

I have been to Queen Victoria Market every time I was in Melbourne, but had never come to South Melbourne Market. Google describes it as a Lively indoor market with stalls for produce, meat & seafood & cafes serving global fare. The market has been opened since 1867, and will be celebrating 150 years next year! It is the quintessential village market, a place where people come not only to purchase fresh food, but to meet, eat, drink, shop, discover, share and connect.


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​The Quarter @Degraves Street, Melbourne

2016-08-12-07-26-09Degraves Street appeared to be a most happening place, with an entire street filled with breakfast options, and today was the day to try it out!

We ended up at The Quarter, and tried the (clockwise from top leftSunny Side Up (2 fried eggs with bacon and hash browns, served on toasted sourdough) (A$12.50), Haloumi Eggs (2 poached eggs served on haloumi, accompanied with basil pesto & sourdough toast, topped off w Spartan olive oil) (A$13), Eggs Florentine (2 poached eggs, double smoked gypsy ham on toasted English muffins + hollandaise sauce) (A$15.50), and Brioche Special (2 soft poached eggs, with spinach on toasted brioche spread with goats cheese & drizzled with Dijon mustard mayo) (A$17).

Such an eggy breakfast! Well, as usual, the eggs were always fantastic, and the veggies were super fresh.

What stood out was the vibe of the place; it was a Friday morning, and this lively place was just so filled with people chatting away! Somehow, we were all caught up in it and time flew by real quickly.


  • Location: 27-31 Degraves Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia (Google Map)
  • Directions: Take any public transport to Flinders Street Station and Degraves Street is just opposite the station across Flinders Street.
  • Hrs: 7am – 9:30pm (Mon-Thu), 7am – 10:30pm (Fri-Sat), 8am – 9:30pm (Sun)
  • ReservationOnline Reservation via DIMMI
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​Seasons Provedore @Lygon Street, Melbourne

2016-08-11-14-47-25We were walking along Lygon Street (known as Little Italy in Melbourne) after our morning trip to Brighton Beach, trying to figure out which of the (many) Italian restaurant we should try, when JJ pointed out Seasons Provedore to us, as she had dined here before with good experience.

Trusting her precious good experience, we decided to have our lunch here too.

The Chicken Curry Pie (A$10.50) was a gorgeous huge pie served warmed, with buttery pastry and oh-so-juicy huge chicken chunks filling up the pie entirely, and curry filling up the gaps! This is how chicken pies should be, filled with huge chicken chunks instead of potatoes and frozen peas and carrots. Oh, and this is an award-winning pie!

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​Half-Day Trip to Brighton Beach @Middle Brighton, Melbourne

2016-08-11-11-57-13The weather seemed quite good today, so we decided to go check out Brighton Beach with its colourful bathing boxes after our wonderful breakfast!

The bathing boxes are known to have existed as far back as 1862, although the current stretch of bathing boxes on the south of Middle Brighton were reconstructed from 1934.

In those days, bathing in the open during daylight hours was strictly prohibited. This led to the construction of bathing boxes or huts which were generally used as a shelter from the sun or wind, changing into and out of swimman easy 23-minute ride away bying costumes and for the safe storing of some personal belongings. Some huts incorporated simple facilities for preparing food and hot drinks by either bottled gas or occasionally mains electricity.

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