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微客棧-人文空間 Waker Coffee @Taipei

2016-01-11 13.31.40-2We were caught in the rain after lunch!

While taking shelter under a not-very-big canopy, we FourSquare-d for cafes near us so that we could rest the rain away, and picked 微客棧-人文空間 Waker Coffee!

This cafe is opened by a social enterprise, 微客國際服務團隊 Waker Group of Taiwan who focuses on child education around the world as their cause. This cafe was opened as part of a gathering point for their volunteers as well as a retail outlet for their handicrafts. Their HQ is located just above the cafe. 🙂

Apparently they had just opened for an hour or so, and there were no other customers. So we occupied the sofa and made ourselves comfortable.

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Twenty Grammes @AMK

We were in this area to see our GP (who is very good, but the queue is always super long queue…), and to our horror, the wet market and food centre was closed for renovations! So we had to walk around the area to hunt for food, and were happy to discover this relatively new cafe that was relatively empty 😀

Twenty Grammes has a main branch in North Bridge Road (which we had wanted to try but have not had the chance to), and this AMK branch just opened its doors in Oct 2015!

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ノア カフェ・銀座店 NOA CAFE @Ginza

2015-11-30 13.29.20We were looking for a place to rest, and Ms V read about this cafe with excellent, fluffy waffles that tasted like “It was like biting into a crispy cloud“, so that was where we went!

There were 2 branches of NOA CAFE with another one in Harajuku, and apparently this is a popular joint for breakfast among Japanese, and for coffee/dessert break after shopping along the Ginza strip. There are quite a lot to offer on the menu, from waffles to sandwiches, to desserts and mains for breakfast/lunch and coffee/tea/soft drinks/alcohol, and the dining areas are thoughtfully separated into smoking and non-smoking areas.

We had a set of seasonal キャラメルエスプレッソと自家製ティラミスのワッフル Caramel Espresso and Homemade Tiramisu Waffle (¥1100+8% tax with coffee or tea) and a set of キャラメルバナナワッフル Caramel Banana Waffle (¥1000+ with coffee or tea).

The waffles were crispy enough and the tiramisu soft and moist with enough rum. We enjoyed our little escape from the cold as we used the free wifi to plan for our dinner!! 🙂


  • Location: 5-8-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan 〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5-8-5-B1
  • Nearest Station: Subway Ginza Station 地下鉄銀座駅
  • Direction: Take Exit A5 from station and walk 10secs
  • Hrs: 8am – 11:30pm
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Five by Five @Thomson V One

2015-10-24 10.38.21We were here so many times but they always ran out of mains or waffles!!

So finally, on a fine Saturday morning, we decided to try just one last time before giving up (they can’t possible run out of mains or waffles from the morning right?)…

And this time, we managed to get seats and food 😀

We were glad that we made the effort to come here again (and again, and again…), because the food was so yummy!

In fact, we returned 4 days later for dinner 😛

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Curious Palette @Prinsep Street

Mr G recommended this place, so we strolled past while making our way to the National Museum of Singapore. Oooh, there were still some seats available! So we went in for more caffeine 😛

Hubby could not resist the waffle, and so we got one to share 🙂

  • Piccolo Latte ($4++): Strong and smooth
  • Home-made Seven Spiced Chai Latte ($5.90++): The name was really promising, but the taste was a let down 😦 There was barely a hint of any spice *sigh*
  • Waffle with Yogurt and Fresh Fruits ($12.50++): This place is opened by the same owner as Strangers Reunion (which we just discovered), so the food was essentially the same…. As we realised when the waffle came looking exactly like the one we had previously, haha! At least it is consistently good 🙂

Water was free and by the bottle at each table.


  • Location: 64 Prinsep Street S(188667)
  • Hrs: 9am – 10pm (Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu), 9am – 12am (Fri-Sat)
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Batterworks Bakery & Cafe @Everton Park

[UPDATE: Batterworks has ceased operation at Everton Park wef 18 Oct 2015]

Super loooong weekend is here, and we went on a staycation in our sunny island amidst all the haze!

This was our first stop of the day and we were the first customers at Batterworks! We started our day with:

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The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe @Holland Village

There are two very popular places for ice cream along the same stretch of Chip Bee Garden, namely The Sunday Folks and The Daily Scoop. We walked past an empty The Daily Scoop around 13:30, only to realise that this place is opened from 14:00. A few shops ahead, there was a rather long queue at Sunday Folks! Anyway, our destination was Phoon Huat, so we happily whisked past the crowd queuing in the rather hot and humid weather, and entered the air-conditioned Phoon Huat in bliss.

Well, there was only that much we could shop in Phoon Huat, and 20 minutes later, we left with our purchases. Pretty nice timing for some delicious waffles at The Daily Scoop!

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台北夜市 2015 Taipei Night Market Part 2

So after our walk at 永康街 Yongkang Street, we decided that we shall conquer a couple of night markets along the 中和新蘆線 Zhonghe Xinglu Line (Line 4) since last night we did the same along the 板南線 Bannan Line (Line 5).

There were a couple of night markets located conveniently along the line, notably 輔大花園觀光夜市 Fuda Flower Night Market located right next to 輔仁大學 Fu Jen University, and 三和夜市 Sanhe Night Market located near to 捷運台北橋站 MRT Taipei Bridge Station.

We had initially planned to come here the day before (Thursday), but realized (only in the afternoon) that 輔大夜市 Fuda Night Market closes on Mondays and Thursdays! To think we had thought that all night markets in Taipei open daily, haha.
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Woodshed Cafe @Rangoon

Woodshed Waffle

Woodshed Waffle

We had some time to kill before Father’s Day dinner so we wander around on FourSquare and Sugar, and landed up in Rangoon Road. This cafe is right at the end of the road, and we could easily have missed it.

The interior decor is simple but there are lots of space around since the tables were sparsely placed. That gave diners privacy and we could see some were just studying and some were reading.

Ordered a Woodshed Waffle, Iced Latte and a pot of Tea to wither our time away… Waflle was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Latte and tea were the usual stuff. We liked the serenity of the place, with soft lighting, soothing music and lots of space, both in mind and body…


  • Location: 204 Rangoon Rd S(218451)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 10pm (Tue-Thu), 12pm – 11:30pm (Fri), 10am – 11:30pm (Sat), 10am – 10pm (Sun)
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Workbench Bistro @AMK

Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream

G has recently shared his Wunderlist of to-try-food with us, and now, we don’t need to Google so much to find food to eat 😛

Anyway, we decided to come to The Workbench because we saw that waffles are sold here! So we had…

  • Waffle with Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($8.20): We loved this! The waffle had a pleasing buttery fragrance and was very crispy on the outside! The salted caramel ice cream was very flavourful and we loved the generous amount of almond bits; we were eating almonds every mouthful 🙂
  • Iced Latte ($5.50): It was just alright…
  • Hot Chai ($4.50): Too sweet 😦 Could hardly taste the chai.

Prices are nett, so very reasonable. Water is free and self-service. We will come back for the waffles 🙂


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