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無名黑鐵咖啡 Nameless Coffee & Roaster @Taipei

2016-01-07 17.42.26We were back in Taiwan again!!

This trip was planned, or rather the air tickets were bought, as part of our crazy planning when budget airlines were having sale. Haha… But Jetstar had to change their flight details and we ended up landing in Taipei only in the afternoon. So we took our time (and rest) and only wandered out in the evening to a local night market 南機場夜市 Nanjichang Night Market. En route to the night market, we chanced upon this very interesting coffee and roaster cafe just along the road. The cafe front was nondescript, the kind that you would missed and just walked past it without even realizing. But it so happened that someone just walked out with a paper cup in hand and I turned my head, and the signboard attracted me – 無名 Nameless. It’s like a certain No Signboard seafood in Singapore! Haha…

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Murphy’s @AMK

imageAnother cafe in the heartlands with non-oily batter Fish and Chips as its signature.

2016-01-03 14.07.34Well, we were here for tea break (though everyone else appeared to be having lunch at 3pm).

  • Nymph of the Nile ($5): Organic white peony tea with Persian pink rose and Egyptian basil, I like the lightness and flora tones of this Gryphon tea 🙂
  • Latte ($5): A nice cup of coffee of moderate strength and mild acidity.
  • Summer Berry Yoghurt Tart ($6.50): The thin layer of chocolate at the base helped to balance the tartness of the berries. Not too bad, but the sponge layer was a bit too dry.

We liked the ambience of this little cafe, and spent the hour or so theorising who might be the parents of Rey… Hahaha!

Note: Water is freely available by the side, and there is no service charge or GST.

  • Location: 532 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-2459 S(560532)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 10am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)
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Collective Brewers @Changi Road

2015-12-20 12.44.33We were nearby to visit a very popular TCM clinic, and needed to rest for a while, and trusty FourSquare suggested here.

So we walked and walked, and when we were about to reach, hubby said “That looked like G, who just went into the cafe.” I was just saying “nah”, and slided open the door to find G right in front of us… And what was even more coincidental, he was with my Secondary school classmate! Small world, huh?

We got ourselves an Iced White ($6), Scotch Tea ($6), and Apple Crumble Cake ($6.50), and settled in with a quick catch-up… And getting introduced to all kinds of good food in the East.

Overall, drinks here were not bad, and the apple crumble cake was surprisingly light. It was quite a lovely place to nua, especially when we had the sofa seats by a corner 🙂

Also… I might have given the staff a scare when I looked so in pain trying to get up.. To the staff who rushed to open the door for me, a big thank you! Really appreciate it 🙂


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Paul Bakery @Westgate

It was a full loop, where we took the shuttle service from IMM back to Westgate, and decided to end our night at Paul Bakery, which was just next to Cafe Crema.

We got ourselves a lovely 2-seater by the corner, and we liked the pleasant environment!

Hubby had an original Shakerato ($7.50++), which was served with whipped cream. This version was quite nice, though not as strong as the one we had in Hong Kong.

My Rosemary Lime Iced Tea ($7.50++) was very refreshing, and quite light in flavour.

Most of the tarts and cakes were sold out by 9pm, so we settled for a Raspberry Tart ($7.90++). We enjoyed the nice balance of sweet and tartness, and the pastry was deliciously buttery.

Note that iced and warm water was served for free, which was great, because we were so thirsty despite our drink 😛

With this lovely supper, we ended our day trip to the West 🙂


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Tak Po @Smith Street

Hubby had read about this supposedly famous dim sum in Chinatown, so we decided to check it out! It was rather crowded on a Friday evening, so instead of joining the queue and waiting for a table within the air-conditioned shop, we chose to take the last remaining outdoor seating. Food was served very quickly, and the staff were also very efficient at clearing the plates; they pop by to pick up the empty plates at least 3 times while we were eating. We also liked that we could order some items such as carrot cake, and custard bun by pieces instead of the usual by the trio style.

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Woodshed Cafe @Rangoon

Woodshed Waffle

Woodshed Waffle

We had some time to kill before Father’s Day dinner so we wander around on FourSquare and Sugar, and landed up in Rangoon Road. This cafe is right at the end of the road, and we could easily have missed it.

The interior decor is simple but there are lots of space around since the tables were sparsely placed. That gave diners privacy and we could see some were just studying and some were reading.

Ordered a Woodshed Waffle, Iced Latte and a pot of Tea to wither our time away… Waflle was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Latte and tea were the usual stuff. We liked the serenity of the place, with soft lighting, soothing music and lots of space, both in mind and body…


  • Location: 204 Rangoon Rd S(218451)
  • Hrs: 12pm – 10pm (Tue-Thu), 12pm – 11:30pm (Fri), 10am – 11:30pm (Sat), 10am – 10pm (Sun)
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The BetterField @Waterloo Street

Tupelo Honey Fig White Tea

Tupelo Honey Fig White Tea

Flat White

Flat White

The Better Field was tucked away at a relatively quiet corner and it was fairly crowded when we visited on a Sat evening.

We ordered a Flat White ($4.50), Tupelo Honey Fig White Tea by Tea Forté ($4), and a Secret Thai Chilli Chicken ($14.50) to share.

Secret Thai Chilli Chicken

Secret Thai Chilli Chicken

The 8 pieces of chicken drumlets were deep fried, with chili sauce and coriander leaves all over them. The overall effect was mildly spicy and I loved the taste of coriander! Unfortunately, I found some white hair / very long chicken feather in one of the drumlets, urgh!

The coffee was quite mild and not acidic, and it had a lovey aroma! I also loved the light fragrance of the tea, and the slightly sweet taste.

Overall, quite a nice and affordable place to chill out, especially when all items were nett price. We also read that there were some special off-the-menu drinks, but we were too full to try… Guess we gotta come back again 🙂

Note: No GST and Service charge


  • Location: 261 Waterloo St #01-23 S(180261)
  • Hrs: 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm (Mon-Fri), 11am-10pm (Sat), 11am-8pm (Sun)
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P.S. Cafe @Dempsey Hill

It seemed like a trip to Dempsey Hill without visiting P.S. Cafe would seem like an incomplete visit, since everyone raves so much about it.

Fresh Mint Moroccan Tea, Iced Wildberries Tea and Coconut Bakewell Tart

Fresh Mint Moroccan Tea, Iced Wildberries Tea and Coconut Bakewell Tart

So this became our last stop prior to dinner, with an order of hot Fresh Mint Moroccan Tea ($7.50++), Iced Wildberries Tea ($9.50++) and a slice of Coconut Bakewell Tart ($13++).

The first impressions were that the service crew really need to stay alert even during lull periods. Hot tea was served in a plunger without a cup, and the tart was served with no forks. We had to eat with our hands, perhaps? The cup appeared shortly after tea was served, but the forks never did, so eventually we had to try to locate a staff, which proved to be rather difficult as well, since they do not seem to want to make eye contact with the customers *faintz*

The iced wildberries tea tasted strangely like dried Chinese logans, but I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet, and the tart berries gave a refreshing twist to the drink. Hubby’s mint tea was very minty indeed! The soft tart was definitely coconuty, but I thought it tasted rather powdery. There was a very thin layer of berry-flavoured bits near the base, but did not make much difference to the taste.

This was not a bad place to chill, but we definitely preferred HOUSE.


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HOUSE @Dempsey Hill

HOUSE occupies an entire block

HOUSE occupies an entire block

It was tea time, as we continued to explore Dempsey Hill on this Labour Day long weekend!

We strolled to HOUSE and managed to get seats by the floor-to-ceiling window, which was really lovely because we could look at all the greenery and still be enjoying the air-conditioning with adjustable blinds to have just the right amount of sunlight!

From it’s own website: “Perched atop Dempsey Hill, HOUSE is a 4,000 square-foot residence-gallery to everything that’s visually stimulating. From plates of comforting, creative gastronomy that combine local flavours with the global palate to tease and please curious taste buds; to the lush woodland surrounds, and even the stunning works of art dotted around the property – HOUSE possesses the elements of a true multi-sensory experience.”

The environment was truly soothing and relaxing, with huge spaces between tables, and we can’t help but noticed the smell of spa essence oils (which later we found out that there is indeed a spa that is in the same building, possibly owned by the same people. 🙂)

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The Loft Cafe @Chinatown

Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

We were here for some drinks, after a rather full meal.

Ordered a White Ginger Pear Tea ($6.80++) and a Flat White ($5.80++). The tea had a light sweet taste, which was quite lovely, but the coffee was like plain water… And without latte art. Hubby was disappointed 😦

The sofa seats were quite comfortable, until the air-conditioning started to drip water… Sheesh. We also didn’t really understand why we had to pay service charge when we had to carry our own tray of drinks.. Haha!

I supposed it can be a nice place to people-watch if you pick the seats by the window, and there is free WiFi (ask the staff for password), so it’s not a bad place to hang out for a couple of hours.


  • Location: 268A South Bridge Road S(058817)
  • Hrs: 7:30am – 11pm (Tue-Sun)
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