Zaffron Kitchen @East Coast Road

2015-12-20 14.24.40Since we were seldom in this area, we decided to have our lunch here too… And of the many places that G suggested, we thought that Zaffron Kitchen looked pretty interesting.

We ordered a Zaffron Tandoori Platter ($39.50) and Garlic Naan ($4.50) to share… Wanted to try the Masala Tea, but had no idea how to enter it using the tablet menu… Seemed like it was not available.

It was a rather slow wait of close to 25 minutes for our food to arrive… We were hopeful that the food was worth the wait.

We were not disappointed!

The chicken items were tender and not at all dry. The lamb was just mildly gamey, and the fish was tender. The garlic naan was quite fragrant. We were happy with our lunch 🙂


  • Location: 137 East Coast Rd S(428822)
  • Websitewww.zaffronkitchen.com
  • Hrs: 11:30am – 9:30pm (Mon-Fri), 11:30am – 10pm (Sat-Sun)
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Collective Brewers @Changi Road

2015-12-20 12.44.33We were nearby to visit a very popular TCM clinic, and needed to rest for a while, and trusty FourSquare suggested here.

So we walked and walked, and when we were about to reach, hubby said “That looked like G, who just went into the cafe.” I was just saying “nah”, and slided open the door to find G right in front of us… And what was even more coincidental, he was with my Secondary school classmate! Small world, huh?

We got ourselves an Iced White ($6), Scotch Tea ($6), and Apple Crumble Cake ($6.50), and settled in with a quick catch-up… And getting introduced to all kinds of good food in the East.

Overall, drinks here were not bad, and the apple crumble cake was surprisingly light. It was quite a lovely place to nua, especially when we had the sofa seats by a corner 🙂

Also… I might have given the staff a scare when I looked so in pain trying to get up.. To the staff who rushed to open the door for me, a big thank you! Really appreciate it 🙂


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THREE by Table Concepts @Seletar Mall

After an early morning movie date on Mars, we popped by THREE for lunch!

With Thai, French and Japanese options available, we were really quite spoilt for choice! Our decisions led us to…

  • Thai Garlic Pork ($9.80++): Served with the refreshing Thai mango salad, the pork was slightly dry but it was quite flavourful and the taste kinda grew on to us as we kept chewing.
  • Penne & Roasted Chicken ($16.80++): The half chicken was really quite huge, and very juicy. The penne was not bad, but it got a little gelat when it cooled off.
  • Signature Duck Leg & Linguine ($23.80++): This was supposed to be the signature, but unfortunately, it was slightly disappointing. The duck confit was quite dry and became really greasy after some time. The Aglio Olio linguine was more spicy than usual, but we liked the texture.
  • Thai Chendol ($6.80++): A rather sweet dessert served with red ruby and jackfruit strips, gula melaka and coconut milk, I really enjoyed the different layers of intense and aromatic flavours. My favourite item of the meal 🙂

Water was self service, and we were seated just next to it, so it was really convenient! There were a few orange slices within the water container, giving the water a slightly refreshing taste.

Overall, some hits and misses, and certainly something different from the usual chain restaurants found in shopping malls.


  • Location: 33 Sengkang West Avenue Seletar Mall #03-37, #03-K1,K2,K3 S(797653)
  • Websitewww.facebook.com/ThreeSG
  • Hrs: 11am – 10pm
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Leong Ji Seafood 量記海鮮豐食館 @Punggol Settlement

We have been wanting to check out Punggol Settlement, but unfortunately, it was really out of the way for someone without a car, and our friends did not really express interest in going 😦 So when Mr L suggested a double date, we readily agreed!

It was… REALLY Far!

The views were also sadly disappointing, partly due to the haze, and partly because the sea view was really, erm, just looking at the construction. Aiyah, I had thought that the views were lovely! Luckily the couple didn’t take my suggestion to have some pre-wedding photo shoot earlier this year.. Haha…

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Song Kee Fish Ball Noodles @Upper Serangoon Road

Delicious fish dumplings!

Delicious fish dumplings!

We finally managed to meet up with Ms J for supper at her favourite noodles stall, which was apparently very popular, and especially famous for hand-made fish dumpling “her giao” (鱼饺). When we arrived at the shop close to midnight, we were shocked at the crowd! The tables were sprawling to outside of the shop… and beyond 😮

We quickly made our orders (and were told that the estimated waiting time was around 45 minutes), take our queue number tag, before searching for a table. Cold drinks were self-service, and we just grabbed whatever we wanted from the fridge. Unfortunately, the drinks guy was too busy and though he promised to get us cups of ice later, he totally forgot about it 😦

The wait did not feel too long, especially when we have good company 🙂 Even better, if you enjoy the very retro 1940s-1960s Chinese music? I could imagine my parents singing along!

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Baker’s Well @East Coast Road

Cosy after dinner set

Cosy after dinner set

Since we were rarely in this region, so we thought of searching for a resting place after my disappointing dinner, and hubby was attracted by this little sign board that said “We used Yahava coffee beans here” and suddenly, I found myself in Baker’s Well 😛

Ordered a Flat White with Carrot Cake Set ($9.10, note the set is cake with Americano for $7.50 and top up the difference for upgrading of drink), and a Hot Lemongrass Drink ($3.20).

Oooh! The lemongrass drink was very fragrant! I think they overdid the sugar though, because it reminded me of sugarcane drink 😮 The coffee was aromatic but quite acidic.. A good complement to the cake.

This has gotta be the nicest version of carrot cake that I have ever tried; not overly sweet or moist, and is more dense than other versions. I loved the nutty-ness, and the cake was topped with 4 huge walnuts! Now I just want to try the rest of the cakes…


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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Matsuri 豚骨王 祭@Parkway Parade

Awaodori Special

Awaodori Special

We were very keen to try out this place as each ramen shop serves its own distinctive style of ramen. The queue was quite short, and we managed to get seats with 20 minutes, which was not bad at all, considering that it was a weekend evening.

We quickly decided on the Awaodori Special and Nebuta Special (each $18.90++). While waiting, we enjoyed some hard boiled eggs and marinated bean sprouts, which were freely available at each table. We even saw some customers making their own concoction of egg mayonnaise! We also rather enjoyed grinding the sesame, which really added an aromatic flavor to the ramen.

The Nebuta Special was made using a mixture of pork and fish stock, and was lighter in taste, as compared to Awaodori Special. Unfortunately, the meat was so tough that I gave up eating it after a while. On the other hand, the Awaodori had very tender meat! Frankly, I was quite disappointed with my meal 😦


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Mongkok Dim Sum @East Coast

After a really dissatisfying dinner, we decided to stroll around to make some space for another meal :p

Mongkok Dim Sum caught our attention with steam bellowing out within their glass windows.

Dim sum!! And so we made the decision to cross the road :p

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Penny University @East Coast

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures

I was in the east to visit a colleague, and so hubby decided to come over to the east for dinner 🙂 While I was having a blast at Ms L’s place, hubby endured a 1.5 hours bus ride 😮

Luckily, there was a cafe nearby, so we took a quick walk over to Penny University!

This place was rather popular when the cafe culture started in Singapore a while ago, but we never got around to come here. Simply because it’s in the East and we are very North people. Haha…

A very simple place with smooth lighting, and soft music. One thing good here is that there are newspapers and magazines lying around which also means that they expect you to nua here… 🙂

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Wimbly Lu Chocolates @Serangoon

Got latte art for matcha but no art for latte

Got latte art for matcha but no art for latte

Since we just had dinner at nex, we decided to stroll here after dinner (after seeing on Google Maps that it wasn’t that far away from nex)… It was about 15 minutes of a not-very-long-walk into the very-quiet-but-not-that-creepy neighbourhood before we finally reached this place!

We had been here before but that was quite a long while ago, and we actually came here in a cab so we had no idea how loooong the walk would be!

There were no seats for 2 when we arrived, so we were first in the queue. We were offered the big table when the next 2 couples arrived, so we all shared the same table. Thankfully, everyone were quite considerate so there weren’t overly loud conversations 🙂

It was also lucky that we arrived a few minutes earlier, for a snaking queue suddenly formed right after we were seated! Guess 9pm was a good time for some coffee and cakes, huh?

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